Solar Cooler

Solar Cool Solutions EU is closely collaborating with Solar Cool Tech USA for the launch of the Solar Cooler at the European market.

Solar Cool Solutions EU ™ is proud to release the first portable, solar-powered, refrigerating cooler for consumers in Europe. It is the ideal product for fishers, boaters, beachgoers, tailgaters, outdoor sport events and camper’s, eliminating the need for ice to keep their items perfectly chilled. In addition, the cooler has the unique feature of providing power for accessories through its 12-volt outlet and a USB port: perfect for keeping cell phones and tablets charged or other electronic device. Light-weight and with an optional wheel kit, The SolarCooler™ promises to keep items cool for over 24 – 48 hours.

The SolarCooler™ will be available in Europe in Spring 2015.
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