Medical Cooler

Kari Schellekens ( Solar Cool Solutions EU) and Ryan Mcgann ( Cool Solar Tech USA ) have been working together for several years to develop  medical version of the Solar Cooler. This cooler offers the solution for the ” last mile ” in vaccination programs in hard to reach areas in Africa, Asia and South America.

Vaccines must be kept cold (4-80 C) throughout the supply chain from factory to patient. According to figures from the WHO, around 50 % of vaccines are lost by high temperature, especially during the last mile of the supply chain. UNICEF alone distributes 2.5 billion vaccines worldwide every year. So billions of dollars are lost  in much-needed vaccines.  Our medical cooler should definitely solve that problem. It has become a personal mission for us to improve living conditions for as many people as possible in this way.
WHO has already indicated interest in the system because it is immediately deployable in disasters, refugee camps and emergency cases.
Through our contacts in recent years with major pharmaceutical companies and organizations such as WHO, UNICEF and the International Red Cross, we have gained a good understanding of the requirements a medical cooler must meet.

This portable medical cooler to 72 hours without power source or charging with the integrated solar panels. Optionally, the cooler can be equipped with a GPS tracking system and a system to remotely monitor the temperature. Our goal is to develop a cooler for the lowest possible price and thereby enable that the vaccines and medicines reach the people possible.
At the moment we are working to finance the final part of development and approval within various jurisdictions and regulatory agencies by a crowd funding campaign A large part of the proceeds of consumers cooler is used for this medical project.

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